Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So today we went to the Austin Ice Cream Festival in Austin, and then went to eat at Rounder's, which was pretty close by to waterloo park.

Was excellent pizza and the environment was very upscale for a pizza place. Curtains over the windows, dark red wall paint and gold chandeliers, set the tone for this pizzeria. (parking in the back)

The inside decor. Golden cushion chairs with black square tables.

And there was even something for the 80's gaming love of mine.....ARCADE GAMES!! lol

Damon playing a race car game...Gerald (not pictured) was playing on a multi-system "1943" "moon cirus". They also had your all time favorites: Donkey kong, Space invaders and Pac Man. At $.25 per game its a very inexpensive fun thing to do while waiting for your pizza pie.

We ordered a "Royal" size pizza with peperroni and mushrooms. Was fantastic!

All in all, our total bill was:

2 Fountain Sodas $4.00
1 Apple Juice $1.50
1 Royal $12.00
Peperroni $2.00
Mushrooms $1.00

Total w. tax: $22.19 :-)

1203 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78703-5208
(512) 477-0404

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  1. Ahh, I miss Austin. Sounds like a great place. Especially the Ice Cream Festival.